To the highest peak of West Bengal

Time: Durga Puja, 2015
Location: Kolkata
The trip is going to be LEGEN…Wait for It. DARY!
I had five tickets of Darjeeling Mail for New Jalpaiguri(NJP) which were yet to get confirmed. I also had four very good friends of mine, and one of them was yet to get confirmation from his family. With about 72 hours left for the train to leave platform 9B of Sealdah Station, our dream trip’s fate was far from decided. Next day, the friend who was unsure, ditched us, because he had typical Indian parents who think their son is going to be murdered by his friends whenever the mountains or sea or tigers are nearby. Everyone has got that One friend, I’m sure.

Fortunately for us, the following day had some tricks up its sleeve to save us. Saikat, a medical representative by profession, miraculously managed a week-long leave on just a day’s notice(If you’re an M.R. or a friend of one, you’ll know why I wrote ‘miraculously’) and filled up the vacant spot. Also by that evening, around 25 people decided to stay back in Kolkata and enjoy Durga Puja helping each one of us secure an entire berth. Couldn’t get better, could it?

Time: Day to Tonglu from NJP
Location: NJP
Story –
Walk! Forest! Walk!

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